According to market research, the global beauty industry was valued at over $500 billion in 2019 and is projected to continue to grow at a rapid pace. Millions of people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds using beauty products and services around the world.


But is such a large industry accessible to everyone?

Research shows that people with disabilities have problems accessing beauty products and services.

Main problems faced:

- Lack of trained employees

- Store layouts may be inaccessible to people with disabilities and wheelchair ramps may be missing

- Limited product offerings or a lack of knowledge on how to use the products

Because of these problems, people with disabilities prefer to shop online or use mobile apps to access beauty products and services, as this may be a more accessible and convenient option for them.


Introducing PURE - the mobile application designed to provide easy access to beauty products and services for everyone.

With a simple user interface and easy navigation, PURE ensures that everyone can enjoy the app's features without any hassle.


PURE stands out from other beauty applications by personalizing the user experience based on their needs. When the app is opened for the first time, the user is asked a series of questions such as a color blindness test, font size, hearing test, and a question about their preferred gender for product displays.

The app to adapt its interface accordingly. For example, if the user is visually impaired, a voice assistant will be active to help navigate the app. Similarly, vibration feedback is provided for users with hearing problems, and larger fonts are preferred for older users.

PURE offers a range of features to ensure that everyone can enjoy the latest fashion trends and beauty secrets with ease.

01. NEWS


The first feature of app is the news feature, providing users with the latest updates on fashion and beauty products.

Users can browse through various categories, such as skincare or product promotions, and choose the reading time based on their preferences.

For visually impaired users, the news is read aloud, while font size can be adjusted according to the user's initial selections.



The ASSIST feature is a critical component of the makeup and skin care application. It enables the user to select a makeup or skincare option from a list and test it out. After selecting an item from the list, the user is taken to a detailed page that displays the materials required for the makeover. If the user does not have the necessary materials, they can purchase them directly from the page.


The AI technology allows the user to try the makeup on themselves. The user takes a photo, and the makeup is applied to the skin using AI. The before and after shots can be compared, and if the user likes the result, they can apply the makeup.


The mobile application offers three options for makeup and skincare practice. 

- In the first option, the user watches subtitled videos to learn how to perform the practice. 

- The second option involves step-by-step tutorials with animations and explanations at each stage. 

- The third option allows the user to get help from experts via messaging or video calls.


AI controls the makeup application, detecting color and tone problems and overflow. This feature ensures that the user is warned if the makeup is problematic. 

The app's accessibility features also ensure that even disabled users can improve their makeup and skincare skills. 

For example, visually impaired users can opt for live assistance, while hearing-impaired users can learn using the text and animations in the tutorials.



Shopping feature, providing users with a unique shopping experience that solves the problems experienced by disabled people during shopping.

Users can easily find the products they are looking for, access product content, price information, feedback, and comments.

The product finding feature allows users to take a photo of the product, and the AI searches for it.



With services feature, users can access a list of beauty services and get information about them. 

The app displays the location of services, such as beauty salons and barbershops, and indicates whether they offer services at their physical location or at the customer's home. 

Moreover, users can make appointments directly from the app, making the process of booking beauty services more convenient and accessible. 

05. MY BAG


PURE’s final feature is the bag feature, allowing users to save their makeup products in an
inventory within the application. 

Users can add quantity and location information, making it easy to keep track of scattered makeup materials. 

When products are running low, users can quickly and easily reorder through the app. 

Additionally, users can take makeup classes based on the materials in their inventory, making the most of the products they already have. 

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