Nebulas was developed for the MapsMap hackathon on Devpost. The project is a prototype of a multi-user open source collaboration application that enables the creation of maps for problems, allows crowdfunding.


The application uses the space theme for mapping problems. Users create a galaxy for problems. The purpose of each galaxy is to reach the central solution (Sun). The stages passed to reach the solution are called orbits. Every sub-problem in these orbits is a planet. 


Users conquer a planet by performing tasks on that planet. After all the planets in the same orbit are conquered, a higher orbit is passed. When all the planets were conquered and the sun was reached, the problem the galaxy was dealing with is solved.



- Users can create galaxies on general topics such as climate change, environmental pollution or for their personal projects. These galaxies can be private or public.
- Users can search for other users with special abilities for the galaxies they have created and invite them to their galaxy.
- Users can also search and join galaxies based on their abilities or interests instead of creating galaxies.


- Generated galaxy maps can be viewed in 2D, 3D and node view. VR mode is not active in prototype.
- Relationships and progression between planets can be displayed on these maps.


- With the wiki page, information about the galaxy can be given and the work done can be explained to other users.


- With the social media feature, users can exchange ideas and create polls with each other.


- Users earn a rank for their donations. They can contribute to the galaxy according to their rank level.


- Users can create drafts for their ideas.

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