Municipality Mobile Application


The municipality mobile application acts as a bridge between the municipality and the citizens in the digital transformation process. Municipalities reach citizens more easily. 

Citizens are instantly informed about the news and announcements in the city. They follow the events and make their registrations via the mobile application. 

Citizens convey their ideas, requests and complaints through the mobile application. They can access transactions such as tax payment, debt and cost inquiry through the mobile application. The application works integrated with the application management platform.


1. News

Citizens can follow the latest news of the municipality. They can filter the news categories they are interested in. Users can like the news or share it via social media apps.

2. Events

Citizens can follow events such as courses, workshops and concerts to be organized by the municipality. Registration can be done through the mobile application.

3. Surveys

The municipality can poll the citizens to make a decision. Citizens can be consulted about the colors of the buses in the city, the musician coming to the concert, which course or workshop is requested. In this way, citizens have a say in the decisions to be made.

4. Online Municipality

Citizens can make transactions such as tax payment, debt and cost inquiry through the mobile application without going to the municipality.

5. Wish / Complaint

Citizens can submit their requests or complaints to the municipality via the mobile application and follow the stage of their application.

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