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Devpost is a popular online platform that connects developers, designers, and entrepreneurs with hackathons, events, and other opportunities to showcase their skills and build new projects.

As a UI/UX designer and developer, I had the opportunity to work on the redesign of the platform and add new features to make the site more useful and engaging for its users.

Let's take a look at the features of the new platform.


The platform has been reworked to make it more accessible, intuitive and stylish. Added a dark theme that is easy on the eyes during late night hacking sessions.

Additionally, the platform has been redesigned to focus on what matters most: exciting hackathons and rewards.


The new platform is designed to give you a familiar and exclusive experience from the moment you log in.

Based on your skills, interests and previous hackathons, a homepage has been created highlighting the events that matter most to you. To make scheduling even easier, a calendar has been added to the home screen where you can see all upcoming events at a glance.


The new gallery view in the platform makes it easier to review and browse through projects. With just a quick glance on the main screen, users can see important information about each project, such as its description, owners, likes, and comments. In completed hackathons, users can also see the number of votes that each project has received. When a user clicks on a project, a presentation page opens as a modal, allowing for a more in-depth look at the project.


A brand new way to take your hacking skills to the next level: experience points and ranking system. With this innovative new feature, participants will be able to earn points by participating in hackathons, blogging and participating in platform-organized events. As they earn points, they will be able to access new levels. With each level accessed, they will gain access to new hackathons and other exciting opportunities that require a certain level of experience.


Devcoin is a virtual currency that is used exclusively on the platform. Its purpose is to provide users with a new way to earn rewards and shop on the marketplace. Users can earn Devcoins by participating in hackathons, events, and other activities on the platform. These Devcoins can be accumulated in their wallets and used to purchase various gifts, resources, and trainings from the marketplace.

The marketplace is a virtual store located within the platform where users can use their Devcoins to purchase various items, including gifts, t-shirts, stickers, gift cards, and even training courses. It is designed to offer users a way to spend their Devcoins on items they may find useful or interesting.

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